MathCounts Camp

What is MathCounts?

The MathCounts Summer Camp is an excellent opportunity for upper elementary and middle school students (rising grades 5-8) to experience what it is like to prepare for and compete in a middle school MathCounts Tournament. MathCounts is a national middle school level mathematics and problem solving competition that consists of a series of individual tests, with one team round for select participants. The competition series includes middle and secondary content including pre-algebra, algebra, probability, number theory and geometry.

What Does the Camp Provide?

This camp program provides students with exposure to and practice with these mathematical domains, as well as an opportunity to participate in a mock competition. Materials are made appropriate for multiple levels of mathematical experience and will be available for students beyond the duration of the camp. Students will be expected to participate in daily lessons and competitions and complete assigned homework that will be reviewed daily to provide students with feedback. Instructors are current math and science teachers and former members of the state champion and nationally ranked MathCounts team from Community Middle School.